@thectspot or @CryptoAsian


Crypto Asian here or more commonly known to my wife and two boys as Chris Taylor.  I figured if I was going to do a verification of developers of cryptocurrencies then I needed to allow those that are speculative to know who I am.  

My first computer was a NEC with 1.2GH with 16MB of Ram and the only reason why I wanted to get it was because it had Nascar racing installed.  From that point I began to dive into what computers could do and what I could do with them.  20 years later I have had the experience of owning a computer and surveillance company as well as getting an Undergraduate and Masters degree. 

Currently I am no longer in the computer business as family takes up most of that time and I am a full-time youth pastor.  I live with a passion for the Lord and hope to be one that is an example of Jesus on and offline.  Some of my personal social media accounts are below and you are welcome to add me or follow me.  

Hopefully that gives you a little more information about me and I hope that CryptoAsian.com will be a place that can help the Crypto community as well as offer it some great products.

Facebook - facebook.com/taylorchris
Twitter - twitter.com/thectspot