Pledge of the Proof of Developer Analysis Program

POD Program

The Proof of Developer Analysis is a program that is solely managed by Chris Taylor (CryptoAsian).  No one else has access to the information that has been submitted.  There are no partnerships, no inside groups, or information that is leaked to anyone else except the coordinating developer(s) for each of their own Proof of Developer Analysis.


The website is owned and operated solely by Chris Taylor (CryptoAsian).  No one else has access to edit the website except Chris Taylor.  All image files that are used on the website, and all information presented on the website are in consent of the coordinating developers of each specific coin. 


The coordinating developers information used for the Proof of Developer ratings will always be kept private.  Confidentiality is the highest priority.  Because the Proof of Developer Analysis program is free of charge there stands to be no business related regulatory actions that can be made to access the information thus keeping it secure and confidential. 

Personal Statement

I hold myself to a higher standard because of who I am in Jesus Christ.  I have been a full-time Youth Pastor for over 5 years at a Southern Baptist Church in Grand Bay, AL.  With my identity in Christ I am also held to a higher standard to God because of my position as a teacher and as a pastor. (James 3:1)  Also, my word is what defines me and I hold strongly to what I profess (1 John 1:5) My faith is based on the teachings of the Holy Bible, and in lieu of that I will not accept bribery, nor will I lie for the sake of a better rating.

Though I know there will be those that do not hold any ground on what I believe in or who I am in Christ, what I put in a “pledge,” or having someone else say I am trustworthy.  With that I simply ask you to do this;  Examine my progress and then make a decision based on that.  I believe I have proven and will continue to prove myself trustworthy to the Crypto community with my services.