Proof of Developer FAQ


The Proof of Developer process is a FREE service to the Crypto Community

(Updated September 8, 2014)

The Proof of Developer analysis is an idea that I came across first from @IconicExpert on Twitter after the many scam coins that flooded the market and hurt a lot of people’s Crypto portfolios as well as put a lot of aggravation towards the exchanges that were listing them.

I have decided that the best way that I can remedy the scam coins is to do an analysis of the coin developer.  The point of the Proof of Developer analysis is not to post all their personal information online but to communicate with them in a professional way getting them to give myself proof of who they are, the past they have in Crypto, and also a number of other questions that helps me rate them on the rating chart below.

This is not a perfect system but it does help to bring the Crypto community closer together with trustworthy developers as well as give traders and investors a better sense of surety.  Every analysis is different depending on what is already known about the developer(s).  Some of the basic questions that are normally asked are:
1. What is your full name?
2. What is your personal Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc
3. Are there any other devs that currently have access to the Github source?
4. Where do you live?

Since the beginning the Proof of Developer Analysis on the developers, which can be found here, I have received a number of suggestions and constructive criticism about POD.  Below you will find the new standard for rating (updated 9/8/14).  I believe this is the fairest I can be as well as give opportunity to developers that really want a good rating to be able to gain that status.

Proof of Developer Rating Scale

  1. POD – No reply to any messages sent after 96 hours.
  2. PODs – Contacted but either chose not to participate in the program or erratic responses with nothing personal.
  3. PODs – Contacted through IRC, Bitcointalk, Cryptocointalk, and/or email but limited information given.
  4. PODs – Have personal email and phone number, Skype, Facebook, or LinkedIn as well as answering all questions
  5. PODs – Met in person or verification of identity from notary public or other third-party verified stamped document.
    A sample form that can be filled out and notarized can be found here
    A (Plus+) rating can be added to any POD rating via video submission.

If you would like to have a Proof of Developer Analysis done please click the button below and send me a message.

POD Contact

Disclaimer: A good rule to live by when trading or investing is to never invest or spend more than what you would be willing to lose.  I do not take responsibility for any trades except my own.  Practice risk management, research more than just reading my Proof of Developer analysis, and trade responsibly.